habaneros, thai chilis, cayenne, and a bit of ghost pepper blended together with salt and extracts to create a serious level of heat. For those who enjoy the burn.

Artisan Spice

a ranch and garlic based rub with cayenne pepper tossed in homemade garlic butter.


our signature homemade sauce. This smooth classical flavor can be found only at PizZings.

BBQ Chipotle

our traditional BBQ sauce with a nice chipotle kick! Not to spicy but leaves a little heat in your mouth.

BBQ Ranch

our signature BBQ mixed with ranch, slightly seasoned.


our honey hot sauce with crushed garlic and pepper flakes allows for a whirlwind of flavor and a spicy kick.

Blazing Heat

a serious buffalo sauce with flavor and heat to kick you out the door.


a unique mixture of bourbon whiskey and spices to create a smooth flavor with a slight kick. A delicious addition to steak tips and ribs.

Bourbon BBQ

our sweet loving bourbon sauce with more BBQ flavor.

Buffalo Ranch

a fiery cool sensation in your mouth.

Burnin Barrel

our sweet tasty bourbon sauce with the heat of favor.

Cajun Spice

a spicy southern favorite.

Calypso Spice

a blend of Taco and Cajun spices for an exotic flavor.

Cannon Ball BBQ

a hearty BBQ for BBQ lovers with strong taste.

Chili Lime Buffalo

a citrusy buffalo sauce with a tingle. The lime is a refreshing twist to our buffalo sauce.

Chipotle Cajun

a chipotle sauce with a Cajun kick.

Chix Parm

a mix of our seasoned marinara with dashes of grated parm cheese.

Cool Ranch

a smooth ranch with our own added seasonings.

Fire Terodactil

our own classic terodactil with a kick.

Flying Hawaiian

a honey-based teriyaki sauce mixed with chunks of pineapple.

Garlic Buffalo

the classic buffalo taste with a garlic blend whipped in.

Garlic Parmesan

our homemade whipped garlic butter mixed with grated parmesan cheese.

Gold Rush

a honey mustard based BBQ sauce packing some heat.

Hickory Smoke BBQ

our signature BBQ sauce with a smokey flavor that gives off a straight off the grill charcoal flavor.

Honey BBQ

Our Homemade BBQ Sauce mixed with pure honey to make the sweet honey BBQ flavor.

Honey Mustard

a thick blench of Dijon Mustard mixed with a honey blend and other sweet flavors.

Honey Hot

a honey based sauce with a mix of spices that creates a sweet fiery tingle.


for the true buffalo fan.

Island Spice

a sugar based blend of spices for a sweet rub.

Jamaican Jerk

a peppery blend of seasonings mixed with herbs and spices.

Lemon Pepper

a lemon seasoning blended with salt for a fruity but intriguing flavor.

Maryland Spice

a sea salt based rub with a zesty blend of seasonings.


for people who like buffalo and some heat but can’t quite handle the hot.


for those who like the taste of buffalo but can’t take the heat. A mouthful of flavor with a tingle to top it off.

Moon Bat

a blend of ghost powder, sugar, and other spices for a sweet rub that has a serious after burn. The ghost powder is hot!


Liquid Death, don’t even bother. If you have plans for later in the day, they will be ruined!

Ragin Cajun

our popular dry rub gone wet!

Red White & Bleu

Buffalo bleu cheese with a sensational kick of flavor.

Roasted Garlic BBQ

we take the time to roast our own garlic and blend it into our signature BBQ sauce.

Salt & Pepper

keeping it simple with a mix of salt and ground pepper

Sea Salt & Vinegar

a classic vinegar base with a hint of sea salt


a zesty chipotle sauce, great for wings and for a dipping sauce!


for the avid buffalo fan. This sauce has great buffalo flavor and will make you sweat!

Sweet Siracha

Asian style siracha sauce with a kick and lots of flavor.

Sweet & Sour

the Asian classic, great for dipping.


bring a taste of Mexico home with you.


the oriental classic that has withstood the test of time.


a mixture of BBQ and Teriyaki, lightly seasoned, with no heat.

TNT Spice

the upper echelon of heat in a rub. A mixture involving Ghost Powder only for those with an iron stomach. Bring on the heat.


a sweet molasses blend with Jack Daniels and other spices to blend an extravagant flavor, unique in every way.